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Speedtrap Bistro
Restaurant, Café, Bistro, Diner

(719) 488-2007
(719) 488-2007
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Their "pitch": "Our Mission: To provide nice people with a cozy place to gather; where friendly service, delicious food, well-crafted beverages and musical talent may provoke interesting conversations and/or comfortable silences." It's a fairly small café
  1. House Policies:
    No shoes, no shirt, no service. Any unattended or unruly children will be given a triple espresso and a tiny cute kitten.
  2. Parking Details:
    All parking in Palmer Lake is free (we think). The cafe lots (south & east faces of the building) is limited to about 10 spaces. Parking is allowed along Glenway St. (just to the North of the café), but please don't block the café dumpsters or private dri
  3. Seating Arrangements:
    Seating: Indoor, Outdoor, Bar, Tables
  4. Online Menu:
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