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Concrete Feedback
Evergreen Colorado

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Concrete Feedback is a Colorado psychedelic folk rock band with Americana sensibility, intricate arrangements and tight harmonies founded in 2007 playing equal mixes of original music blended into shows of atypical but nonetheless recognizable cover songs from indie artists. Concrete Feedback’s main pairing includes its two founding members, Boulder born Andreas Christian and long time Longmont resident Dave Loutz. Today, the band’s primary studio can be found in the mountain community of Evergreen Colorado. Andreas is found primarily on rhythm guitar, harmonica and lead vocals as well as occasional piano and bass. Andreas draws on strong folk, Americana, and indie rock influences for his storytelling style of original music. Dave is found primarily on backing vocals and lead guitar behind his pedal board coined “mission control”. Dave infuses roots and rock music with psychedelia and humanist concepts for his original songs where he takes lead vocals.
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