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Fort Collins, Colorado
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From the first bluesy guitar riff shredded on GAMMA PAW’s first single "Homeless King", this trio warns listeners they are taking a trip to an overdriven landscape comprised of folly, creation, perseverance and, ultimately, an introspection on what it means to be human.
  1. Personnel:
    Bryner, Jacob Wayne (Bass, Vocals) / Shockey, Brandon (Guitar, back up Vocals) / Shockey, Brandon (Guitar, back up Vocals) / Griffin, Josiah (Drums)
  2. Associated Artists:
    Brothers Griffin, Fa Koshka, Fa Koshka
  3. Primary Influences:
    Primus, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Tool, XTC, Nine Inch Nails, Talking Heads, The Beatles, System of a Down
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