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Vince Converse and Big Brother

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Vince Converse, an award-winning Texas blues guitarist, has played professional blues and funk-rock guitar since 1990. Originally from Houston Texas, his 33-year career started fresh out of high school when he signed a deal and proved himself a big dog on the Lone-Star-State blues scene. Touring internationally, his band, Sunset Heights, was wildly successful and he made a name for himself by the age of 23. Today, Vince is a heavy-hitter on the Denver Blues scene. With his husky, heavy voice and his powerful command of the craft, Vince has everyone whispering, holy sh*t this guy’s legit all show long. He has a distinct sound - a pure, straight-shot tone that travels through the room, leaving audiences hypnotized and tingly in all the places. He leads the way from slow blues to full funk jam and back again- building up the energy with untouchable guitar solos and adventurous musical detours, breaking it down again. Blues lovers longing that deep, Southern slide will not be disappointed.
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