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At The Watertower
Denver, CO.

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A Denver based band that takes pride in making sure that people have a good time. We have been making music around the Front Range of Colorado and beyond since 2007. We have been seen playing at birthday parties, weddings, dive bars, and street corners from South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico and as the pandemic comes to an end, we can't wait to get out and play in more new and interesting places for more people. Whether you could use a band for a quick 45-minute set or a 4-hour marathon, we are your guys. We play a lot of different music, all in a distinctive Watertower fashion. Our original music feels instantly recognizable with hooks that will have you singing along with us by the end of the song. We want you to be involved, not listening to us, but being a part of the experience. What started out as a way for a few friends to blow off steam and make some noise once a week, has turned into an adventure of over a decade.
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