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Trouble Bound
Denver, Co

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Hailing from Denver Colorado, Trouble Bound classifies its music as "Americana-infused rock." With diverse influences, they mix elements of rock, country, folk, blues, and singer-songwriter musical styles to create a hybrid roots-rock sound all their own. Tinged with reverence to the forefathers of outlaw country and also romanticized in stories of the wild west, their music is a slice of Colorado perspective that adopts more of a "live and let live" life philosophy. The band name itself "trouble bound," is more of a mindset, if you will, that comes from a moment whereby, circumstance or choice, someone ends up on the wrong path and bound for trouble. Thematically, the songs examine the overindulgences of liquor, love, and occasional lawlessness- although generally more of the mischievous variety than anything that might truly hurt someone... The result is catchy songs with lyrical themes driven loosely by personal and observed experiences of others. The mission is simple, be authentic and entertaining in the process.
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