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Los Angeles, CA.

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Shiver lights up the stage with infectious melodies and energetic live shows. Coming from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the band members have created a canon of tunes that reflect both modern rock energy and classic rock emotion. Combining fiery guitar licks, luscious 4-part vocal harmonies, ear-bending keytar, and a driving, bombastic rhythm foundation, Shiver creates a sonically potent soundscape. Their songs, riffs, and melodies are reminiscent of everything from early Blues to Classic Rock, to modern Heavy Metal and Pop. A raucous, exciting display of electronic-infused rock and roll, shiver assaults the stage with a near-lethal injection of passion and energy.
  1. Personnel:
    Blair, Justin (Vocals, Guitar, Keys) / Campbell, Nico (Guitar, Vocals) / Stevens, Kick (Guitar, Vocals) / Quaas, Jules (Keyboards, Keytar) / Rehling, Blake (Drums)
  2. Primary Influences:
    Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Ghost, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones
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