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The Desert Furs
Northern Colorado

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A Psychedelic Rock band weaving together a spacious tapestry of modern psychedelic rock and funk, ranging the realms of anthemic hippie dream-pop, rolling midtempo dance grooves, and epic Hendrix rockspace. The band loves to perform live and is actively pioneering a rare form of Drifter Funk (aka Fur Funk), much to the dancing delight of their Front Range audiences. Other musical affinities include Jonathan Wilson, The Pink Floyd, Jerry Garcia, Cass McCombs, Circles Around the Sun, John Lennon, Talking Heads, The Brothers Johnson, and the Phish (from Vermont), not to mention all the other cool stuff from the 60’s, 70’s, and beyond.
  1. Personnel:
    Wassung, Billy (Guitars, Songwriting) / Studtmann, Jon (Bass Guitar) / Thiessen, Alex (Drums) / Bump, William “Cody” (Keyboards)
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