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J.E.D.I. (Jazz Electronic Dance Improvisation) made its debut at Philadelphia’s Ardmore Music Hall. The project is led by Aaron Johnston, drummer and founding member of "Brazilian Girls" and current member of David Byrne‘s touring band, and features a rotating cast of musical characters at each performance. For the project’s highly anticipated debut, Johnston tapped keyboardist/programmer Borahm Lee ("Break Science"/"Pretty Lights Live Band"), saxophonist Ryan Zoidis ("Lettuce"/"Shady Horns"), and bassist Nate Edgar ("The Nth Power") for the collaborative project.
  1. Personnel:
    Johnston, Aaron (Drums) / Lee, Borahm (Keyboards) / Zoidis, Ryan (Saxophone) / Edgar, Nate (Bass Guitar)
  2. Associated Artists:
    Brazilian Girls, David Byrne, Break Science, Pretty Lights Live Band, Lettuce, Shady Horns, The Nth Power, Talking Heads
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