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Eric Blackmore
Colorado Springs, CO.

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Eric Blackmore, AKA, “The Reverend”, “EZ”, “Momo”, or “Mistablackmore” (if you’re not into the whole `brevity’ thing), was born into a tribe of shamanic hillbilly bears, and at an early age, learned to wander around, eating things and dancing, until the world started to make sense. Eventually, he won his first guitar in a (provoked) spork duel with an itinerant pizza dealer, and began his never-ending pursuit of Universal Musical On-The-Oneness. An early adopter and current user of 5T technology, he steadfastly insists that he was neither “born in the desert”, nor “raised in a lion’s den”, and that his #1 occupation is…none of yer damn bidniz.
  1. Personnel:
    Blackmore, Eric (Guitars)
  2. Associated Artists:
    Collective Groove, Barely Garcia, Black Rose Band, Citizen Dan, Grown Ass Men
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Tuesday, 06/13/2023, 06:00 PM
Bancroft Park - Colorado Springs
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