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Jaguar Stevens
Denver, CO.

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Jaguar Stevens formed when two high school English teachers decided to purge their workday anxieties through rock n’ roll. Steve Bartholomew and Caleb Wohlust met several years ago and bonded over their shared love of literature and music. Through fits and starts and with the help of Miles Jenkins, a CU grad with a degree in jazz percussion, and Josh Springwood (bassist) they’ve created a solid body of original songs that can be described as tempestuous garage rock.
  1. Personnel:
    Wohlust, Caleb (Vocals) / Bartholomew, Steve (Guitar) / Jenkins, Miles (Drums) / Springwood, Josh (Bass)
  2. Primary Influences:
    The White Stripes, The Cramps, David Byrne, Jello Biafra
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