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Red House Riot
Fort Collins

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Join The Riot Made up of musicians from a variety of successful bands and genres, Red House Riot has been putting together the kind of show that appeals to any audience whether it is a 40 minute showcase set or a full 4 hour club gig. Red House refers to the iconic Jimi Hendrix blues rendition, and, as the band’s namesake, inspires the original songs the group has been churning out that have a bluesy, soulful vibe with a hard rock edge. Everyone needs to check out the Red House over yonder: Gamblers, liars, cheaters, all in a place that doesn’t have a long memory. Red House Riot play a show of any length, and can mix in covers from artists including Chris Stapleton, Tom Petty, Black Crowes, Black Keys, Gary Clark, Jr., and Marcus King, while playing their original tunes, influenced by rock and blues that is made to move to. Head to the Red House for a night of sin, intrigue, and a classic mug shot to tell your friends about the next day.
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