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The Lull Band
Denver, Colorado

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The Lull Band was formed in March 2019 with deep roots in the Denver, Colorado, blues community. The band members have played together on different occasions and different sets at various Denver blues jams stages: El Chapultepec, Busty G’s, Rusty Bucket, and others. The band's first set of original songs were written by Dino Coyote and acted as a starting point for the band's first CD project: ‘Mr. Moxie.' The main idea for the music is a dance-able, articulated rock with distinctive vocals. The Lull’s music is influenced by American rock and blues, as well as European classical traditions. When listening to the Lull, it is easy to recognize the influence of many famous artists, including: Tom Waits, Luis Armstrong, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Steve Earle, Cult, and more. The Lull’s performance is always energetic and entertaining, providing a great dance party atmosphere.
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