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Soda Blue

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At its core, Soda Blue is Alice Frisch and David Fermanich. Friends for 35 years, they are often poking fun at each other, playing little pranks, or generally causing some sort of shenanigans in each others' directions. As for music, you'll find them playing anything from Dion, Aretha, or the Everly Brothers to Paul Simon, America, or Ricki Lee Jones. Fleetwood Mac comes up a lot, and you'll probably even hear some Dada. Soda Blue focuses on good vocal harmonies and reasons to have 2 guitars out at once, though they both also like some good percussion. When the occasion warrants it, they'll bring along an excellent rhythm section, usually in the form of Spencer Pyne on bass and Steve Fitzgerald on drums, to broaden the sound and make it even more dance-able, calling themselves Soda Blue: The Whole Shebang!
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