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Barely Garcia
Colorado, Springs, CO.

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A 'Dead/`Garcia cover band from Colorado Springs, CO. Barely Garcia seeks to fuse the more adventurous improv side of the Dead with unexpected song transitions. They enjoy playing songs from more obscure projects the members participated in and composing their own jams on stage as well. You’re sure to see a completely unique take on this music with a Barely Garcia show.
  1. Personnel:
    Blackmore, Eric (Guitar, Vocals) / Hawkins, Michael (Keyboards) / Milo, Charlie (Bass Guitar, Vocals) / Robertson, Terrence (Drums)
  2. Associated Artists:
    Charlie Milo Band, Collective Groove, Hawk & Milo, St. Bernard, Big Sky, Autonomous, Citizen Dan
  3. Primary Influences:
    Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead
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