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Using LīveMusicMégaSearch™


Our uniquely powerful LīveMusicMégaSearch™ facilitates rapid custom searches to find events, artists and venues that fit your tastes. These can be quite basic, such as: "Show me all upcoming Events in these 4 cities", or far more detailed, like: "Show me events only at Bar/Pubs within 20 miles of my house or hotel, that serve food, booze, with no cover charge, and that have a 'dive' tag".

Please don't be intimidated by the sheer power of these search controls, because you'll never have to run a search more than once...simply set your preferences, then save the search, and give it a descriptive, dare we say, witty name, such as: Friday Nite Pub Crawl, Denver LoDo, Booze/..Food/Valet Parking, Alternative Rock"). Then, you can run it anytime with a single mouse click, and...BOOM...you're out the door.

Running a Search:

  • Click the desired search type: "Events" (live performances), "Venues" (joints), or "Artists" (performers). "Events" is the default:
  • Choose the desired Search Method (City/Area, Distance from a Place, Stuff you're Following, Artist or Venue Name, Musical Genre(s), etc.). The Search Methods shown depend on whether you're searching Events, Venues or Artists:
  • Select the desired filters:
  • To run a "simple" Search (using only the few filters entered so far), click the green, "SEARCH NOW" button. Any listings matching your filters will be displayed in a list screen.
  • To search using detailed filters, such as Event timing, venue amenities, tags, etc., click the blue, "MORE FILTERS" button. Select any additional desired filters, then click the green "SEARCH NOW" button. Any listings matching your filters will be displayed in a list screen.

Saving a Search (for future 1-click use):

  • Click the "Save this Search" link (at the top & bottom of every search results screen). You'll be prompted to give it a name. You have as many different saved searches as you like, including dedicated ones for events, artists and venues.
Save a search

NOTE: You must be logged-in (as a Fan, Venue or Artist Member) to save custom searches

Your "Default" Search:

Default Search
  • You can make any Saved Search your Default Search, which appears at the top of your homepage as a big yellow button (so you can just click and GO).
  • To choose your Default, either a) click the "Make it my Default" link at the top & bottom of every search results screen (see image above), or b), from the Home screen, click the "My Saved Searches" link, then click the "checkmark" icon/button at the far-left of any Saved Search.

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