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Your brain on live music
Who's playing tonight?

If you enjoy lïve musical entertainment, you know how annoyingly difficult it is to quickly find your preferred events, artists, venues and amenities. A standard web search like, "live music tonight around colorado springs", returns millions of results, with a bunch of paying advertisers listed first. It's on you to slog through boatloads of additional web and social media pages to (maybe) score a semi-coherent picture of what's going down nearby. Ain't nobody got time for that.

What you really want is to click a button, see everything of direct interest within a certain distance, along with all the key details, and blow out the door. To make that happen, our database contains just 3 things: live music Events, Venues & Artists, in Colorado. Narrowing the search pool so radically is a genuine game-changer in terms of eliminating all the typical "background noise".

It enables us to present the data in exceptionally useful ways, unlike anything else available. Want to instantly find "All Rock-genre events within 10 miles of you, with booze, food, valet parking, no cover-charge, and at bars or pubs with a "dive" tag"? No problemo. Want to see every Punk band in Colorado? We got you. Are you a Venue that wants to know what your direct competitors have going for the next 90 days? Right-on.

We've designed this platform from the beginning to serve not only the needs of Fans, but the unique, partially-overlapping interests of Venues and Artists. We want you guys to "round-file" those other 27 promo and sales accounts, and take care o' business like a Boss, from your unified "Live Music HQ", right here at LiveMusicColorado.com.

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