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Artist Listings:

Artist listings are "detail" pages that show key information for an Artist or band, along with up to 3 upcoming gigs (if any have been published to our Events Calendar):

Artist listing screen

Artist listings can be created by:

  • A LiveMusicColorado.com Administrator (i.e., the "House")
  • An Artist Member
  • A Venue Member

Artist Members can also "claim" (take ownership) of an existing Artist listing (for example, one created by an Admin or Venue). This is accomplished either by clicking the "Claim this Listing" link at the bottom of every Artist listing page, or during the Artist Member account registration process (you'll be asked to search-for and claim any existing listing)

Claim this Listing link

Artist Members typically "own" at least one Artist listing (or several, if they are in or manage multiple bands). Venue Members can also create new Artist )listings so that they can publish shows to our Events Calendar (which requires one or more Artist listings).

To create a new Artist Listing:

  • Login to your Artist or Venue account.
  • Click the round, yellow "Create New Content" button near the top of the screen (see image below).
  • From the dropdown menu, click, " Artist Listing":
Artist listing screen
  • Fill in all required fields:
Create new Artist listing form

Artist Listing Fields:

  • Artist/Band/Act Name (required): Type or paste-in the Artist or Band name. Almost any characters are allowed.
  • Description (optional): Type or paste-in a description for this Artist (up to 500 characters). This text is often copied from an existing social media or web page.
  • "Add Tags" button (optional): Click to add tags (from "canned" list), such as "Duet", "Colorado Band/Act", "Jam Band", etc. These tags will appear in the listing as clickable yellow "pills" (alongside the band's musical genres), and can be selected as an additional "filter" when running a LiveMusicMegaSearch™ (on the homepage), to narrow the search even further.
  • Musical Genres/Styles (required): Click all applicable genres, which appear in the listing as clickable yellow "pills" (alongside the tags described above).
  • Current Homebase (optional): Enter the home city for this Artist, followed by the 2-letter State abbreviation (example: Manitou Springs, CO.).
  • Personnel (optional): Enter the first name, last name and instrument (or role) of each band member (if desired). Click the "Add Another" button to enter each additional band member.
  • Primary Influences (optional): Type the names of any bands or artists that you consider to be an important influence, separated by commas (example: "Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Black Flag", etc.)
  • Artist Image (optional): Click the "Upload Image" button to select a band picture from your computer or "drag & drop" an image file on this field. If you don't upload a custom image, the default LiveMusicColordo.com "generic" image will be displayed in the listing.

Reviewing, Opening & Editing your Artist Listings:

To see, review or edit any Artist listings you "own", click on your Username at the far-right of the main navigation bar. Any listings will be displayed under the "My Listings" section of the dropdown menu. Click on a listing to open it. To edit the listing, click the green "Manage this Artist" button/dropdown (at the top and bottom of each listing page), then from the dropdown menu, click "Edit". This is also where you can delete a listing, or hide it (keep it in our database, but hide it from being viewed):

Manage listing controls

New Artist listings can also be added while creating a new Event Listing, by clicking the "Add New Artist" button to the right of the "Artist" field. This opens an abbreviated "Add New Artist" screen with only the "Artist Name" and "Musical Genres" fields (to allow quick event entry without having to go to the full "Add New Artist" screen). You can always add more detail by editing that Artist listing after the Event is published.

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