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WarCrown full length album coming 3/8/22


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Denver, CO - WarCrowns debut self-titled album, WARCROWN is set to release Tuesday, March 8 on all major streaming platforms, as well as a limited run of physical copies. Recorded and mastered by WarCrowns own Caleb Byars, the album brings a fresh and self-aware take on modern metal music.

From tracks like ‘SICKBED and CRACKED EARTH, which have feelings of raw, unwavering anger, to POWER SUPPLY, a power metal-esque song featuring guttural growls and angelic highs from WarCrown frontman, ‘Grisly’ Evan Chance. 

It makes sense that out of the garbage fire that was 2020, WarCrown came from the ashes. Originally started by Bassist Sin Odinson and Guitarist Caleb Byars, Vocalist Grisly Evan joined quickly, and Drummer Angel Odinsson was recruited shortly thereafter. 

Few metal acts have been received with such a warm reception. After releasing their album at their March 8 show with Omnium Gatherum, Allegaeon, and the Black Crown Initiate, WarCrown are planning a series of mini-tours throughout Colorado, and neighboring states this summer.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Evan Chance at WarCrown.denver@gmail.com, 720-323-9788, or WarCrownMusic.com/contact


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