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The Lull Band releases its first album - Mr. Moxie

The Lull Band

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Our band worked for over 2 years to release this Album.
This album includes songs written by Dino Coyote.
Many of you who are enjoying Denver area blues jams know Dino.
Some of the songs from the album are created while Dino played at the blues jams and definitely can be easily recognized.
Special thanks to the following musicians for a help with making this album to Clark Chancellor (bass), Dave Balzco (bass - Charlie Sheen track), Blake Mobley (keyboard), Robert Fiorino (drums), Adam Darby (drums), Alex Bityutskih (drums).
The album recording was done by Gary Flori and the mixing and mastering was done by Alexander JaJa.
Here is a released album link on Spotify:
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