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The Burroughs LIVE with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra
Saturday, 03/11/2023, 06:00 PM
Union Colony Civic Center, Greeley

Costs Unknown
The Burroughs and the Greeley Philharmonic reunite for an evening of sweaty soul meets symphony orchestra.
The Burroughs
Greeley, CO
Steeped in classic soul standards and outfitted with modern flair, The Burroughs are a nine piece band with a powerhouse sound that has been electrifying audiences across Colorado and beyond. Since 2013, the band has lit up stages with their trademark brand of “Sweaty Soul Music,” quickly earning their rightful place as one of the best live bands in the region.
Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra
Union Colony Civic Center
Concert Hall, Theater, Opera House, Auditorium
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