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Denver Album Release- David Lawrence & the Spoonful w. Chain Station+ Grace Clark
Friday, 10/14/2022, 07:00 PM
Black Buzzard, Denver
About 'Lean In' Join David Lawrence and the Spoonful for their Album Release Tour! Over 2 years in the making, 'Lean-In' is a true passion project. For anyone that has seen David perform it's no surprise that this album is brimming with heart, soul, and grit. Their debut Album ‘Lean In’, produced by Banshee Tree frontman Thom LaFond, is a collection of Original music spanning the diverse genres that have influenced David throughout the years. He blends Americana/Roots music with down home blues, touches of old school country and his deep study of gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. The album’s title track is a song Lawrence wrote for his wife, Yuko, about young love, the butterflies you feel when you have to take a chance, and lean in for a first kiss. In a larger way, “Lean In” is about having the courage to be vulnerable. It’s realizing that the most precious things in Life require the most risk. Becoming a new Father (this year!) and putting out a full-length album is a test for David to Lean into the challenges ahead of him. The album features Recording Engineer Jay Elliot, and Mastering guru, Kyle Vandy, & Album Art by Elias Armao from Dogged Line Design. Coleman Smith from Rapidgrass is featured on fiddle, mandolin & helped with writing & arrangement, and even delivered some needed background vocals on Lean-in. Jon Wirtz on Organ, Gabe Mervine on Trumpet, Bonnie Culpepper on background vocals, and Gary Sloan & Bob Songster split the heavy lifting on the upright bass.
David Lawrence & the Spoonful
David Lawrence, has called Colorado home for over a decade. Whether performing solo or with his full band, ‘The Spoonful,’ David brings a unique blend of finger-picking Delta blues, roots-Americana, soulful vocals, and his style of Gypsy-infused jazz guitar. In recent years, David has focused more on his original sound, currently recording his second solo album featuring some of Colorado’s best musicians and set to release Oct. 6th 2022. A poet at heart, David’s original sound combines evocative imagery and storytelling with infectious melodies and rich, layered guitar playing. True to his musical roots, David’s music is raw, gritty, soulful, and full of heart.
Black Buzzard
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