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"Confidential Informant": A New Media Series Showcasing Colorado's Hottest Live Music Bands & Venues!



LiveMusicColorado.com has launched a new media exposé series titled, "Confidential Informant", showcasing the history, origins, experiences, influences and creative visions of Colorado's hottest and most interesting Bands, Artists, Venues and Events. Please stay-tuned, because this is going to be really cool and unique! Enclosed below is the outline of questions we'll be asking each band & band member... 🤘

Charles Mote
CEO & Founder, LiveMusicColorado.com

Confidential Informant” is a new media series showcasing Colorado’s hottest and most interesting bands/artists; their histories, influences, experiences, technical attributes, creative visions, etc. We would appreciate the following information (for each band member, and the band itself):

  • Where you were born and grew up, and what you consider to be your hometown.
  • Any family backgrounds you’d care to share.
  • How you came to Colorado (if you didn’t start here).
  • How you started getting interested in and involved with music.
  • Your musical training.
  • Your musical influences, and why.
  • A description of your personal musical styles and core genres.
  • The names of all bands you have been, or are currently in, and any interesting, related details.
  • Details about your instruments, amps, effects, drum kits, etc.
  • Insights about your life and the musical journey you’ve been on so far.
  • Your plans and visions for the present and future.
  • Any interesting, funny, crazy and/or bizarre experiences you’ve had, and how they’ve shaped you as an artist and human.
  • Any other “human interest” factoids that your fans will find interesting, for example unusual or surprising facts, hobbies, passions, family or professional connections, etc.
  • Recent and childhood pics of you. If we need to do an on-location photo shoot, let’s discuss.
  • Any video clips that best capture your performances, style and vibe (we’ll coordinate as to delivery method).

Please email the data to:


By the way, don’t sweat the format; we just need the raw information to wordsmith into both a fascinating article.

Thanks very much!



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